When disasters occur, rapidly available information is key in understanding its scope and impact. Residents need to understand what happend to their neighbourhood, governments and business want to know potential impacts to their livelihoods.

At risklayer, we provide various solutions to make information and data available quickly after disasters. Such information is then provided either by our various outreach and communication platforms like or CATnews globally or services like and terremotos locally for certain regions. They are highly linked with our expert networks around the world providing first hand analytics and data aggregation translated from many different languages. In addition to our outreach platforms, Risklayer has developed a disaster information platform together with university parts at the Center for Disaster Management (CEDIM) in Karlsruhe, Germany. Here, researchers deliver forensic disaster analysis and impact metrics on an online GIS-platform.

Furthermore, for businesses, media and individuals in need for rapid and detailed information relevant for their local contexts, Risklayer offers various licensing options to their data structure to let them be the first to grasp the full aggregation of disaster impacts metrics in one location.


Many natural disasters strike very suddenly and a clear image of their impact is often not available soon after the event. Risklayer comprises a variety of services and models for the rapid assessment of disaster impacts. Such impacts include the spati... continue reading