PhD Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schäfer, CTO

Andreas is an expert for advanced soft computing, developing self-adapting, dynamic technologies for natural hazard and risk modelling. In addition, he is an active member and the current president of Engineers Without Borders (KIT) coordinating several engineering projects in 7 countries. Since 2015 he is pursuing his PhD in physics developing cutting-edge risk modelling software for hydrological hazards (tsunamis, storm surge), while he is also active on risk communication, both on social media platforms (CATnews) and public stages (Science Slams).

Main Skills:

  • Hazard Modelling
  • Full Stack IT Development
  • Science Communication
  • Risk Modelling
  • Catastrophe Data Analysis

For Andreas, a main research focus is the development of smart and fast hazard and risk modelling systems. He already developed GPU-based and partially AI-supported tools for tsunami, earthquake and aftershock risk & hazard modelling.
In addition, rapid impact mapping and gamification technologies are amony his other research interests